Fellowships, Honors, and Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award (2017)

Aspies for Social Success


Sole selection, “Distinguished Alumni”

Rhode Island Monthly Magazine (October, 2013 edition) polled every RI high school to list each school’s most distinguished alum. No link to the story on the magazine’s website (print edition only).


The (first-ever) Congressional Hearings on Autism, 2012

One of only two people on the spectrum to address this hearing organized by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform


The Peter McGowan & John Potterfield Achievement Award, 2011

Eden II Services for autism

(including many citations from local and state officials)


The Herbert Cohen Memorial Lecture, 2011

Columbia University Center for Bioethics


BCID Award for Service, 2009

Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled


The Ben Kramer Award, 2008

New York Families of Autistic Children

(including many citations from local and state officials)


(Inaugural) FAR Fund Fellow, 2003

The FAR Fund