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4-minute segment on autism employment from Canada’s Global Television. September, 2018.


C-Span Congressional Testimony (Carley was one of two people on the spectrum to testify at congress’ first-ever hearings on autism in November, 2012. For the entire 3-1/2 hour event, click here and for only Carley’s opening remarks, click here)


FoxNEWS Network (segment has since been taken offline)


Panel on “The Many Definitions of Neurodiversity, Neurodivergence, and Inclusion.” Spectrum Theatre Ensemble, 2021.


Panel (Moderator): “Spectrum Parenting, and Parenting on the Spectrum.” Spectrum Theatre Ensemble, 2021.


Interview on Employment issues for Australia’s “Autism Explained” summit, 2019.


Engaging ‘The Brat'” Interview/Lecture for educators hosted by The Ed Factory. Questions derived from the 2019 article, “The Brat in Your Classroom.” 2021


Sex ed interview with Neurodiversity Press Publisher, Jill Studnicki. 2021.


Participant in Dr. Amy Laurents’ 2019 TEDx Talk, “Compliance is Not the Goal: Letting Go of Control and Rethinking Support for Autistic Individuals.”


Johnson County In the News


HuffPost Live (multiple): There were three episodes: 1. “Are we overdiagnosing?” 2. An episode on aversives for those in institutions, and 3. an episode on autism and employment (segments have since been taken offline).


Carole Jean Whittingham’s “Mind Your Autistic Brain,” where we discussed “The Book of Happy, Positive, and Confident Sex fr Adults on the Autism Spectrum…and Beyond!”


Radio (Please either click the link in the text or use the player below the description)

Fresh Air with Terry Gross (NPR) 2004


1A A one-hour show on the subject of interactions between people on the spectrum and law enforcement officials 2018

The Infinite Mind (NPR) 2005


Forum (NPR) 2011


Newsweek OnAir 2012 (unavailable online)


NPR News (12-minute piece focusing mainly on GRASP) 2006


BBC Radio 2007


Wisconsin Public Radio 2016


It’s Your Health (NPR) 2008


Childhood Matters  2008


All-sports station WFAN 2008


Malaysian Business Radio 2018


Lite News Podcast (“67 Million People are Affected by Autism Globally”) 2018


Lite News Podcast (“Autism Advocate Praises New Police SOP on Cases Involving Autistic Individuals”) 2018



Uniquely Human on Healthy Sex Lives for Adults on the Spectrum


Good Sex @NYU on sex—both personal and professional!


Diversity at Work, on neurodiversity myths within workplaces


Good Morning League (the League School for Autism’s inaugural podcast episode)


Neurodiverse Love on Happy, Positive, and Confident Sex for the neurodiverse


Uniquely Human on the Culture of Autism (Trigger warning: I discuss sexual assaults that occurred at a school I once went to)


Fabulously Candice Sex Podcast


1 in 54


Autism Knows No Borders (Rethinking Sex Education and Unemployment)


LifeStyle Improvement 


Christian Radio