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School Consulting for Year 2017-2018

Dear Special Education/Pupil Services Directors,

I’m in the process of figuring out my consulting schedule for next year.  Having accomplished innovative and highly successful work in Wisconsin the past three years, and in New York City since 2004 (where I still travel to, and lived for decades), I'm wondering if you would have any need for the coming school year. I have time available that I'd be happy to discuss dedicating to your district or school.

If you’re new to me, then (in a nutshell)…I’m a fairly public professional who:

•  is the author of two—soon to be three—(more than) well-praised books in the autism/Asperger world

•  has a column (“Autism Without Fear”) in the Huffington Post

•  has been school consulting for 13 years

•  has found that most parents and staff really like it when their autism consultant has the diagnosis himself

•  in 2003 founded, and for ten years ran the largest membership organization in the world of adults on the spectrum (GRASP)

•  reviews for Yale’s “Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders” (JADD)

•  was one of only two people on the spectrum in 2012 to testify at the US Congress’ first-ever hearings on autism

Please let me know if you would like contact info for my supervisors at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin districts where I consult, or for the New York City public schools.

Finally, should you wish to know more, below my signature you can either find the variety of tasks I’ve performed at these schools, or click on the link to the homepage of this, my author/presenting website.

And if you’d like to schedule a talk, please write me back at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with dates and times that work for you. Or, just feel free to connect on LI, and then call me on my cell at 646.318.7072.

In thanks for your consideration,

Michael John Carley




For Nicolet High School (a relatively, financially-secure district), I currently…

•   run a weekly support group for spectrum students (that I created based on my work in the nyc schools)

•   meet weekly with individual students in a counseling capacity

•   work with a particular, non-verbal student to work on regulation and math skills

•   take a group of more challenged kids out into the community, and to a school-owned apartment to teach independent living skills

•   help plan for the needs of their self-contained classroom

•   planning a transitioning/vocational program for the future based on articles I've written in the past.


For the West Allis District (a relatively, economically-hard-hit district), I currently…

•   conduct trainings in a variety of subjects; for a variety of administrative and staff ranks

•   conduct assessments (classroom too, but mostly students)

•   successfully intervene in disputes between parents and schools

•   help with building-wide, staff morale repair jobs


For “District 75,” New York City’s city-wide, special Education District, I

•   historically (since 2004) have helped in all of the above areas

•   helped create a summer program in 2005 that still exists today

•   currently am helping to design a “teach-the-teachers” curriculum for making their students with (all) disabilities better classroom leaders. 




 Speaking and More General Services


In addition to his work as an author, Executive Director, and Spokesperson, Michael John Carley has consulted for foundations, school districts, journalists, television producers, playwrights, politicians, actors, law firms, and (through ASTEP) the D&I personnel and HR departments of Fortune 500 companies. For 10 years (2004-2014) he especially consulted for the New York City Public Schools, and now also consults for schools in Wisconsin.

He has contractually trained and spoken at over 100 venues on the subjects of "Old Ways of Looking at the Spectrum vs. New Ways...," Transitioning, Disclosure, Workplace Behaviors, and Sexuality; and he occasionally serves as a weekly, one-on-one peer mentor for special individuals. To inquire about any of these services, please use the contact form.